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Our commitments

Our commitments Vitabio
Our commitments on our organic products quality.


Varied and natural recipes

Vitabio is an elegant line of organic products for adults and kids that combines pleasure of taste and well-being, without addition.
For example, Vitabio offer 100% fruit or vegetable juices.
And the fruit spreads are made from fruit and fruit sugar syrups.

Selecting producers and raw materials

Origin of raw materials

Vitabio chooses its ingredients carefully according to their geographic origin, prioritising French and nearby European producers.

Lasting relationships with producers

Vitabio does its best to establish lasting relationships with its producers and is particularly attentive to creating organic food supply chains in order to be as close to producers as possible.

Organically farmed products

By using organically farmed ingredients, Vitabio meets its own objectives in the most natural way possible, and looks after the environment. Vitabio means choosing food that is respectful of the environment, free of any preservatives and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) food (in compliance with legislation on organic farming).

The Golden Rules of Organic Farming

Organic farming adheres to very strict rules:


From the field to the table, from producer to consumer, AB (Agriculture Biologique) labelled products guarantee total traceability throughout all their stages. Companies that produce, transform and distribute organic products submit to several checks and must achieve approved certification status. In France, only 6 bodies have been accredited by the government. Ecocert is the most well-known.
The Vitabio’s products have also been certified by Ecocert.